About Us

The United Plant & Production Workers Benefit Fund is the Union 175 of the Tri-State region. 


-The Utility Workers Union of America, AFL-CIO

-Empire State Building Trades Council

-Concrete Trades Alliance

-New York State Approved Apprentice Program

-New York Independent Contractors Alliance INC.

Mission Statement

We are a full service, labor organization dedicated to providing the best trained work force in our industry to the entire construction community. We are proudly united in a common commitment to improve the quality of labor to the associated trades of New York. Through a representative democratic structure, UPPW improves the professional, economic and personal lives of our members and their families, strengthens the trades for which they work, and furthers the cause of social justice through the trade union movement. We do so by providing our members with quality services from the date they join to the time they retire, continuing a lifelong relationship. Starting with our ability to provide New York State approved training and apprenticeship programs to ensure top quality skill learning, providing services for securing employment, monitoring working conditions, providing best-in industry benefit packages, compensation rates, annuity, pension, welfare, etc.

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